Surly Bike Custom Builds

Here at the Richmond Station Cycle Centre (which by the way is based inside Richmond Station!!), we have over the last few years been doing some awesome surly bike custom builds for our customers.

They have included numerous Surly Ogre’s, Troll’s, Disc Truckers, Stragglers, CrossChecks, Karate Monkey’s and the list goes on…

We are you see a specialist touring bike shop and even better with fully loaded off-road touring!

We do it ourselves, we practice what we preach, we go out there and actually do the stuff we talk about and advise on.

We just came back from touring the Western Sahara with our Ogres over Christmas…I tried to find some old mines left over from the Polisario Wars just to see how tough the Ogre actually is, but no luck, maybe next time eh?

We have many customers currently Touring the World on their Custom built and Standard Spec bikes. They are out there somewhere in South America, North America with many doing the Tour Divide. They are out there at this moment in India, China, Africa, East and Western Europe to name just a few places!

They are seeing the world on bikes we have supplied and built…

So you ask us, “Do we have loads of pictures of your builds?”. Actually no, you see we are rubbish at collecting that sort of stuff, but from this day forward, no longer will we be shit at collecting pictures of our lovely Custom builds and posting them up. No, no longer!!
No, my dear friends, it stops here and now!!

So here to prove our point, here are some pics of our recent trip to the Western Sahara just to prove we do what we do, we see what we see!!

Why not send us your recent awesome adventure pics and let’s start a thing?

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