Surly Ogre **New Spec and Champagne Colour 22/23**


Colour: Champagne Supernova

Surly Ogre

We always grab the Surly Ogre when we do our 2 week Morocco trips. It gets racks front and rear, fully loaded with rear panniers and front bags.

We take around 12l of Water strapped on as well. Mainly dirt/rocky/sandy tracks and this bike handles everything we can throw at it, in some of the most hostile environments to ride in with a fully loaded bike… short, it’s awesome!!

Surly Says:

If you’re like us, your bike needs likely change by the day, week, month or year. Quite the adaptable little beast, the Surly Ogre can get you to your job during the week, then way out of town on the weekend. It’s not sluggish on pavement or gravel and can also hold its own on singletrack.

Ogre is designed to be the ultimate steel utility vehicle. It relishes in those “take-the-long-way-home-and-find-some-beverages-along-the-way” sort of commutes. Snow, sleet or sweltering humidity, this is an ideal year-round commuter bike. You can also haul enough crap on it that you don’t even have to go home if you don’t want to.

  • All the barnacles you could ever possibly ask for including rack and mudguard, multiple three-pack mounts and mid-blade.
  • Gnot-Boost rear spacing with Rohloff torque arm slot and Bill/Ted trailer mount
  • Clearance for 29” x 2.5” or 27.5″ x 2.8″ tyres with fenders

Full specs can be found here:

Also available as a frameset only, please check for price & availability

Surly Ogre Champagne

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