Yuba Mundo Cargo Bicycle

Yuba Mundo Cargo Bicycle

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Yuba Mundo at Richmond station cycle centre
We have loved the Yuba Mundo Cargo Bicycle right from the start. It started life as a concept for cheap massive cargo carrying capacity mainly for the African market. The company soon realised that people all over the States and Europe liked the idea of hauling stuff around  as well.
We still have one of the original early V1.0 models in the Cycle Centre as our main Demo bike!
The newer now V4.0 has changed quite a bit but still maintains the basic design principal of large 200 kilos plus rider carrying capacity and similar dimensions which all add up to a bike that rides pretty much like any other ordinary bike. Its feels a bit heavier but once up and riding it’s smooth, controllable and surprisingly comfy… With the ability to add two massive pannier bags (85 litres each) and plenty of other accessories, centre stand, lower running boards, one or two child seats (yes you read that right, two child seats!), and a whole host of other accessories. This is one serious piece of kit that will haul some serious loads..
The universal low top tube will suit most heights of rider and the unique Steel chassis makes the Mundo the bike for taking your kid(s), shopping, gear or any cargo to the places you love. The Mundo Cargo Bicycle 21-speed with Shimano drive train, for all terrain and all types of cargo hauling.

Prices: We Will Update Our Website Soon.
Available as Complete Bike New V4.00: £ Please Call
Frameset only £ Please Call
Colours: Please Call
Accessories Available:
Go-Getter Bag Huge 85 Litres Single Bag £ Please Call
Stand Alone – Centre Stand £ Please Call
Child Seat – Will Take Two. Each £ Please Call
Flight Deck – Multi Use Deck for rear Carrier £ Please Call
Plus many more accessories available- Please Phone for details.


  • Cargo Bicycle size: One size fits all (1.50 to 2m)
  • Cargo Bicycle Wheels: 26 in, 48 spokes, 14mm axle
  • Cargo Bike length: 210 cm, weight: 22 kg
  • Cargo Bike capacity: 200 kilos incl. Rider 300 kilo Total
  • Carrier size: length 80 cm width 18.1 cm
  • Sideloader bar: 16.5 cm each side

    Call for details 020 8332 0123

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