Xtracycle Cargo Bike Conversion Kit

Xtracycle Freeradical Kit

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This shows the potential carrying capacity of the Free Radical kit – fitted to a standard bicycle.

Converts your existing bicycle to a long tail, cargo & people carrying bike!

OK, lets one get thing straight from the start…the Xtracycle is NOT a complete bike..got that!

You do not have to buy a whole new bike to have one of the most flexible, clever, cargo hauling, kiddy carrying, the ‘big shop’ toting bike.

The Xtracycle is a long tail frame attachment to your existing bike! It has everything in the kit you will need to extend your existing bicycle to carry stuff.. A longer piece of chain, a long gear cable and the side bags(called freeradicals) to convert your bike to a proper cool carrying cargo bike.

So it’s a lot cheaper than buying a whole new bike, it’s a lot nicer riding your own bike that fits you better than buying a bike that is universal made to fit lots of different sized people and it’s a lot like riding a ‘normal bicycle’ a bit heavier granted but pretty much will feel the same. No weird steering, no big clumsy wooded boxes to wobble around!

Xtracycle will carry one or two child seats (yes TWO child seats), properly spaced without you or the kids being cramped up and at the same time as being able to carry a whole load of shopping!

So the kids get older but love being on the bike with you, no problem ditch the kid seats (Not the Kids!) and put a long cushion (call the magic carpet) on the top of the Xtracycle platform (called the flightdeck!) and some foot boards (called wooden footsies) and handle bars (called stocker bars) for them.

Xrtracycle certainly not just for kids, it’s for big kids as well…easily take an adult on the back, plus all your picnic stuff, stuffed in to your cargo bags!

Carry big stuff and long kit..got a double bass? – no problem! Load up with the ‘wide loader’ and ‘long loader’ and pedal happy..so many applications, so many uses, so much imagine, so much time (on a bicycle). Try it all out!

Xtracycle Freeradical Kit: £449.00
Xtracycle Freeradical Kit fitted to your bike: £499.00
Xtracycle Kick Back Stand (recommended for kids and heavy loads!): £139.00
Xtracycle Wide loaders: £49.00
Xtracycle Long loaders: £45.00

Plus many more accessories available, Please Call for more details. 020 8332 0123

Demo Bike Available!