Surly Cross-Check


10 Speed
Colours: Black
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Surly Cross-Check

I love the Surly Cross-Check, I’ve used it all day everyday, all terrains and all over the place. I have carried far too much on it, have roughed it around and ridden it to work and back for years. It still feels just as fresh and just as good as when I first built one up and started riding it. It’s the bike I grab most often, it’s the one bike I could never get rid of. It’s the reason why I now sell Surly!

The Surly Cross-Check was the third frame we ever offered, and we offered it as a complete bike a year after the introduction of the frame. It’s a cyclocross bike by category, but we try to design a lot of versatility into our stuff. You can ride it on the road or off. It’s got lots of space for fat tires and for mudguards. It does as good a job getting you across the country as it does getting you across town. If you get bored with how it’s built, change it. It can be a geared bike, or a singlespeed or fixed gear. Big tires? Check. Skinny tires? Check.

Neither the frame nor the component spec of the bike have changed much since we introduced it almost a decade ago because…well, why should it? We have made a few changes and updates over the years when those changes were either necessary or just a plain good idea. For instance, we added mid-blade eyelets to the fork for mounting a front rack. This isn’t a touring bike per se, but it will handle lighter touring loads, and a front rack can make that easier. This year we gave it a new fork crown too, with threaded eyelets for adding….things. Need a place to mount a spare light? Got a mini rack that needs anchor points? You’re covered.

There’s a reason we still offer the Surly Cross-Check after all these years. The frame is comfy and tough as nails. We continue to hear from people who have made the Cross-Check their default go-to bike simply because it performs so astonishingly well. It’s one of the best riding, most versatile bikes around.

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