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Tern Link D16 MO


Portable Transport for the Human Race

The Link family of bikes is designed with a simple goal – getting you from where you are to where you need to be. Whether your journey is all on bike or a combo of public transport and bike, your Link is ready to adapt. On arrival, fold your Link so it waits inside with you, safe and sound. Go by Link and keep to your own schedule.

The Hot Modder

When your riding includes some serious climbs, you really appreciate the low gears. With a 26” low gear, the Link D16 has the gears to get you up most anything. Customize the Link D16 for work or play – it swings both ways.

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Special Extra Note:
UK model comes equipped with mudguards as standard fitment.

General Info:
Colour: White/Orange
Wheel Size: 20 inch wheels
Speeds: 16
Weight: 12.4 kg (27.3 lb)
Folding Time: 10 sec
Folding Size: 38 x 79 x 72 cm (15″ x 31.1″ x 28.3″)
Frame Sizes: One size
Gear Inches: 26″ – 93″
Distance: Seatpost to Handlebar: Min: 590 mm (23.2″) Max: 630 mm (24.8″)
Distance: Saddle to Pedal: Min: 700 mm (27.6″) Max: 960 mm (37.8″)
Suggested Rider Height: 142 – 190 cm (4’8″ – 6’3″)
Max Rider Weight: 110 kg (243 lb)